Elusive Ancestor


There is nothing like the first time you find one of your ancestors in a  record. Whether it is online, in a courthouse, a library, cemetery or even on a microfilm.  It is like a shout of delight.  Elusive Ancestor Hunter is hoping to give you that enjoyment.  We can either show you how to break down a brick wall that you have reached in your own investigation, or you can just have us do the work for you.

We will be researching all available resources to locate your family, using Genealogical Proof Standards and evidence-process maps.  Genealogical Proof Standards consist of meeting 5 elements; a reasonably exhaustive search, complete and accurate source citations, analysis and correlation of the collected information, resolution of any conflicting evidence,  and a soundly reasoned, coherently written conclusion.   When we are done with the search, you should have a feel for what life was like for your ancestors.  You will get family pedigree charts, family group sheets with documentation of sources, photographs  if available, and any other information that was requested by the client.  If the information is not there you will also know that.

If you are looking for a full genealogical study or just a record, we aim to please.  Feel free to drop us a line once you have checked out our information pages.

Looking forward to working with you and finding those hidden ancestors.

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