DNA Sales!!

For those of you that have heard me speak recently on DNA and anyone else out there , thought I’d share the news!

DNA Day Sales 2018 are here now! In a posting from CeCe Moore on Facebook, there is great news.  All testing companies are coming through for us. Sales have started.

23andMe — 30% off through April 25th, Midnight PDT, US and Canada. http://www.23andme.com

AncestryDNA — USA $59 April 19th through the 29th. Go to http://www.ancestry.com go to DNA and purchase your kit.

FamilyTreeDNA — now through April 28th. $49 and up for different testings.

MyHeritageDNA– Kit reduced to $69 through April 25th. Go to http://www.myheritage.com

LivingDNA — 20% off on April 25th. Price at present time is $79.99

You must do your own research on which company will fit YOUR needs. Each company will give you very close results. It does depend on their testing pool and Ancestry has the largest pool.  That being said, all companies have much to offer.  All prices are current, but subject to change.  Don’t miss out, DNA can help your genealogy but might also give you information you might not be ready for.  Do some reading up please, you must educate yourselves to make the best of it.

Good luck and share your results! Don’t forget to download your raw data and then upload them to http://www.gedmatch.com for matching worldwide.

About Elusive Ancestor Hunter

I am an avid genealogist who feels the ancestors have their stories that are waiting to be told. Lets find you some ancestors. I am now taking clients!
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