52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – #21 John Chaplin Wright

Amy Crow of “No Story too Small” challenged the genealogy community to get out and write. The Challenge was to write about 52 ancestors in 52 weeks. This is my attempt to share my love of genealogy with others.

John C Wright was the father of #20 Frank Wright, John was born on the 22nd of September 1874 in the city of Dundee, Scotland.  His parents were Alexander Simpson Wright and Elizabeth Chaplin.  Notice anything here?  Yes, the middle names were the surnames of both Alexander and John’s mothers.  I love when this happens since it verifies my work and lets me know I am on the right track.

Back to John, he and Elizabeth were married on the 27th day of July 1898 at 17 Step

Row in Dundee, Scotland.  Their first child, Winnifred, was born in December that year.   John listed his profession as a Mill Furnisher’s Storekeeper on Winnifred’s birth registration.  This would have been like a Machinist in later years.  Two more children quickly followed; Evelyn in November of 1899 and Frank (my grandfather) in September of 1901. In those days living in a city like Dundee, you would be renting and this is what the family did.  They moved around a bit in Dundee but didn’t leave until John left for Canada on  24 March 1904 arriving in Halifax with the rest of the family following in 1905.

He would have taken a train to Toronto where there was a huge group of Scots living.  In the 1911 Canadian Census the family was living on Milton St. in Hamilton, Ontario.  John was working as a Machinist and it says he worked 60 hours a week and had wages in 1910 of $775 which on average to that particular page/street was in the upper earnings.  Not much according to what we make these days.  Life was much different.  In 1913, the family came across the border from Windsor to Detroit on the 2nd of August, John’s brother Thomas was listed as the contact person they are going to.  Thomas was a nice find, since I had lost him in Dundee, funny what one documents information gives us clues that leads us further into the research.

John C, Frank, Evelyn, and Elizabeth Wright taken in Detroit, Michigan

John C, Frank, Evelyn, and Elizabeth Wright taken in Detroit, Michigan

In 1920 the census says he is a Machinist working in a Machine Shop.  His occupation changes by the 1930’s where he is a Police Guard of a Building (the census doesn’t say which or where). By 1935 John and Elizabeth are living with their daughter Evelyn and her husband James Woods on Glendale in Detroit, John doesn’t have an occupation.  My mother remembered times riding the streetcar with her grandfather, apparently he was quite the jokester, telling her stories while they rode the car because he didn’t want to go home.  John passed away on the 26th of February 1943 and is buried with the family at Roselawn Cemetery in Berkley, Michigan.



Janet Thomson Wright, John C, grand daughter Janet and Elizabeth Robertson Wright

Janet Thomson Wright, John C, grand daughter Janet and Elizabeth Robertson Wright

The Wright family in the Irish Hills

The Wright family in the Irish Hills, Frank, Evelyn, Elizabeth and John C. Wright.


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