52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #17– Two unknown gals from my Newman side

This is my attempt at the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks that Amy Crow challenged the genealogy community to get on the bandwagon with her.  I am a bit behind but hope to catch up before the end of the year.  So stay tuned for a whirlwind recap of my families.

In the past I have had a bit of difficulty with waiting until it is too late to chat with the living.  Have you also had that problem?  I am currently kicking myself because I am too late to chat with my mother’s cousin who had a wealth of information on her grandmother (my great-grandmother), but that is a story for another time.

Apparently my family also waited too long or just had no idea who people were in photos that their fellow family members had.  Not the only ones out there I am sure. How about you?  Are you too busy gathering “dead data” and not spending enough time with the living?  If you take nothing away from this, go forth and ID those photos while you can. It might be too late one day and you will have unknowns also.

I am highlighting two photos that were in with my father’s photo collection of his British ancestors, the Newman family of Birmingham, England. The shop was probably in Birmingham as that was where the family resided.  The two women are Newman’s but by looking at other photos  I would have to guess that the one on the left side by the scales might be Nellie Newman and I have no idea who the other is.  Any members of the family, give me a shout out if you can identify either lady and where the shop was located.  I’m 90% sure it is in the Birmingham area,  is it still standing?  I’ve heard from family members out there living in Birmingham before with these blogs and I totally enjoy hearing from you.  Please don’t be afraid to comment.

Store in Birmingham, England

Who are these gals? Any idea what year this was taken?


Grocery in Birmingham, England

Grocery in Birmingham, England

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