52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #12 Catharine Prentice

I started talking about mtDNA last post, some of you might be wondering how this works.  There are three different kinds of DNA studies that we as genealogists use in our studies.  Ydna, which is the male lines, father to son, which basically is the same all the way back to the beginning of time but with a mutation here and there.  So it is conceivable to get your male DNA and match upwith  someone with the same surname from the same area as your ancestor and be related after matching your markers with him.  Certain localities in the world have their own Haplogroup.     Now mtDNA works pretty much the same, except it is female to female.  There is a book called the “Seven Daughters of Eve” by Bryan Sykes, this helps explain the seven female groups.  It works of the premise that all females can trace their ancestry back to one of seven lines.  Mine worked out perfectly with what I knew at the time of my results and what historically happened through world history.  My Scottish lines moved from the British Isles over to France, through Europe into the middle East and then to Africa (or Eve).  My haplogroup is U or Ursula, more specifically U2e2a1.  If you are a match, please give me a shout out.  I would love for us to be a match.

Now, back to our post, Catharine is the daughter of our last post, and yes that is how her name is written in Cambusnethan’s parish register for her baptism.  She was the first child of five for John Prentice and Margaret Brownlee.   Catharine marries Thomas Douglas before 1784 as the baptism record states Catherine his wife.  I have not located the marriage in either Carluke or Cambusnethan, the parishes of both families.  Scotlandspeople website also does not have the marriage in their database.  This is something to keep checking on.  All seven children of the union states Catherine his wife.

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6 Responses to 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #12 Catharine Prentice

  1. jean boyd says:

    Yes, I am a U2E2A1. I am Cherokee Indian/Choctaw Indian/Scottish/Dutch/Welsh/Irish/spanish/French.

  2. Magdalena Jakobsson says:

    Hi I am a match to you. However ALL my ancestors back to the 1700:s are swedish. Byt my DNA shows some irish DNA, maybevthat could bevthe link between us.

  3. Angela Holko says:

    Hello my maternal haplogroup is also U2E2A1. I honestly don’t know much about my lines other than they started off in Germany.

    • Hello Angela,
      What other countries did your maternal line go to other than originate in Germany? My maternal is steady in Scotland back into the early 1700’s, but then I stop with Elizabeth Campbell born about 1700.

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