52 Ancestors in 52 weeks # 11 John Prentice of Carluke, Lanark, Scotland

So my DNA is calling, okay, this time lets hear from my mtDNA.   For those of you that are aware what that means, skip ahead, for the rest of you. mtDNA is the maternal line of anyone’s DNA, that is mother to mother to mother. The DNA does not change, but the surnames do.  I have been able to follow mine through the daughter of the above man and up her line to her great-grandmother, Elizabeth Campbell, born about 1700 in Scotland.  I’ll tell more on each of these gals in future posts.

St John's Church, Carluke, Scotland

St John Church, Carluke, Scotland

Okay, back to John Prentice, he was born on the 15th of September 1741 and baptized on 3 October 1741 in the parish church of Carluke, Scotland.  His parents were James Prentice and Elizabeth Reid.  John married Margaret Brownlee, the daughter of James Brownlee and Janet Jamfrey, on 13 Jun 1761 in Carmichael in the county of Lanark in Scotland. Records at this time of lifestyle are totally dependent of what the church chooses to include in the marriage and Baptism entries.  This clerk is just giving us what was required and nothing more.  Some records have even less, so we must be grateful that we were given the surnames for both Janet and Margaret.  This helps us continue our progress finding the family and moving up the tree.  Keep tuned and see what happens with this family.

Prentice John born 1741

down at the bottom of this entry, you will see “John” at the left, this is the baptism entry for John Prentice, son of James and Elizabeth Reid.


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